Tāmaki Response projects

Current projects

Tāmaki Education strategy 

The Tāmaki education strategy focuses on lifting education outcomes for children and young people in Tāmaki, both now and in the future.

This includes co-designing an inclusive strategy for Tāmaki to create long-term education success for students through learning pathways and the right environment.

The 15-year strategy includes:

  • a long-term vision and strategic action plan to strengthen the local schooling system
  • positioning Tāmaki schools as the schools of choice for whānau 
  • a plan to deliver excellent educational outcomes for all children and young people of Tāmaki.

The Tāmaki Response team has worked with the Ministry of Education, TRC, Manaiakalani Community of Learning, educators, parents, students, and a wide range of community members to produce the strategy.

Jobs & Skills Pathways

Supporting people into employment and sustainable careers forms a vital part of the regeneration efforts in Tāmaki.

This project builds on the successful Career Start programme and the Tāmaki Jobs & Skills Hub which has supported more than 460 people into work since October 2013. It focused on co-designing pathways for different job seeking cohorts according to their needs and situations.

As part of this project, we aim to work closely with solo parents to understand their challenges and barriers to entering employment. Together, we will also identify how these can be overcome through holistic and supportive pathways for returning to work.

We are working with the Ministry for Social Development, employers, training institutes and solo parents to complete this work. There is an opportunity for work with the successful pathways to be implemented regionally and potentially nationally.

Families with young children (0-5yrs)

Research shows us that children in Tāmaki face significant challenges from birth. A collective impact project focusing on ‘Early Years’ was established in 2014 to help address some of these challenges. The Tāmaki Response is focused on implementing some of the significant initiatives identified through this work including establishing an integrated Early Years Hub.

The Early Years Hub is designed to focus on child wellbeing and the support services needed to improve outcomes for children. It will offer integrated services to families with young children, including early childhood education and wellbeing services which focus on the whole whanau.

We are working with the Tāmaki Community, Ministry of Education, Auckland District Health Board, Tāmaki Learning Champions, Tāmaki Primary School and industry experts. If successful, this model of integrated delivery will be replicated in other settings in Tāmaki.

Mental Health & Wellbeing

The mental health and wellbeing project is being led by Auckland District Health Board (ADHB) and the Tāmaki Wellbeing team. The Tāmaki Response supports the work being done in this space as and when is required. For more information, visit tamakiwellbeing.org.nz