Development Update

17 DEC, 2020 | Tāmaki News

TRC takes a neighbourhood-by-neighbourhood approach to understand the specific needs, opportunities and challenges of each area and the families who live there.

We understand construction works can be very disruptive. We are committed to working with the local community and will make sure residents are informed about what’s happening at each stage of the programme. Visit the neighbourhoods and developments page for more information at:

Fenchurch neighbourhood A
About 400 state, affordable and private market homes will be built in the Fenchurch area. Of those, 250 houses have been completed so far, including more than 100 state homes. 
In the Fenchurch Park development, which includes Fenchurch St, Leybourne Circle and Sunnymead Rd, 150 homes are finished with 50 more houses to come. Our build partners for this development are RAWA and GJ Gardner.
In Fenchurch South, 70 homes south of Taniwha St, around Kestrel and Kiano Place will be built by RAWA and GJ Gardner. An additional 70 homes around Sunnymead Rd, Taniwha St and Mansfield St are being built by The NZ Housing Foundation (NZHF), including a mix of state, affordable and private market homes.
And in Fenchurch East, 20 private market homes near Tamaki College are being built by Classic Builders. A brand-new children’s playground in Aveline Place is also now available for families to enjoy.
Overlea neighbourhood B
Over 140 state, affordable and private market homes will be built in the Overlea area, which includes Elstree North Reserve, Elstree Ave, Leybourne Circle and the shops fronting West Tamaki Road.
Overlea Central, will include 40 new state, affordable and market houses. Nine homes are already finished. Another 17 homes will be completed by mid-2021 by build partner Mike Greer Homes.
An updated plan for the area is under development. Overlea South will see 50 two, three and four-bedroom homes built, including 16 state houses. Twenty of these homes will be delivered by June 2021, with build partner Classic Builders. 
And in Overlea North plans are being developed to build a mix of state, affordable and market homes. 
West Tamaki 1 neighbourhood H Planning is underway to build 12 state and affordable standalone and terraced homes on a section that sits between West Tamaki Rd and Leybourne Circle.

Line-Epping neighbourhood D
There are 114 state, aff ordable and private market one to five bedroom homes that will be completed by late 2021. Construction is underway, with development partner Fletchers building 64 homes and New Ground Capital building 50 homes. Feedback about Taniwha Reserve from residents has been listened to, with better connected streets, safer walkways better lighting, planting fruit trees, and improvements to water quality all planned for the future. An extension of Eastview Rd will link the Line/Epping neighbourhood with the GI town centre.
Epping-Evandale neighbourhood J
The design stage is currently underway with our master planners, Jasmax, and community consultation is ongoing.
West Tamaki 3 neighbourhood I
Eighteen new one, two and three bedroom apartments are coming to the corner of West Tamaki Rd and Line Rd. Civil construction work has begun, with build partner Nuline due to start building the homes in early 2021.

Concord neighbourhood K
In partnership with a local group we are currently removing old state homes in this area. The old houses will be replaced with new high quality, warm dry homes.

Hobson neighbourhood G
Four larger, fully accessible homes for families with special needs will be built on one of our smaller sites close to Sommerville School.
Two of these will be aff ordable and two will be state homes. Civil work has begun, and home building will start in early 2021.
Alamein neighbourhood L
Twelve market, affordable and state homes are being built in the Alamein neighbourhood by the NZ Housing Foundation. Building will start in early 2021.
Hinaki neighbourhood E
The Hinaki neighbourhood will include 300 new state, affordable and private market homes. Seventy-five new high-quality apartments, including 61 more affordable KiwiBuild homes, were released for sale by NZ Living in September 2020. The Hinaki Street low-rise apartments are built from high quality materials and are centred around a green space with fruit trees, native plants and artwork sculptures.
B Overlea neighbourhood  
Jalcon Homes are building 42 new state and aff ordable homes. And Generation Homes will begin construction on a mix of 11 state, private market and aff ordable new homes on the site in early 2021.
Derna-Tobruk neighbourhood C
In total, 100 state and affordable homes will be completed in this neighbourhood by the end of 2023. Nineteen aff ordable and state homes have been completed by Fletcher Living in Stage one around Sollum and Tobruk Roads. Of these, seven are state and two affordable. Stage two is currently underway, and demolition in Stage three is finished, with civil work underway.