Fenchurch Neighbourhood Regeneration

The Fenchurch Neighbourhood Plan provides modern homes, safer streets and pathways, and new well connected community facilities. It invests in the Scout Hut and school sites, makes the most of existing green spaces, and uses vacant land for new homes to minimise disruption to existing residents. The Neighbourhood Plan has been developed with input from a number of community groups and residents.

Lifestyle and Culture

The Fenchurch neighbourhood plan aims to create warmer, drier, fit for purpose homes. The Scout Hut and schools are supported as key parts of this place. New cycle paths and better pedestrian connectivity are provided to help create healthy lifestyles and well-being. Education facilities will make it easier to access quality education from an early age.


Talent and Creativity

Fenchurch residents would be provided with opportunities to improve their skills through training and education prospects. A long-term programme of skills development would support residents in gaining employment, starting with local construction skills necessary during the regeneration of the neighbourhood.

Places and Neighbourhoods

New housing in the neighbourhood will mean an improvement in choice, affordability, comfort and health for residents. Increasing the number of houses and housing options will ensure those who wish to remain in Tāmaki have the opportunity to do so. Vital community connections will be retained through consultation with residents.

Fenchurch Neighbourhood Plan

Transform the Scout Hut into a community hub - renew the building, create outdoor play and gathering facilities, create new paths towards the sports centre
A new Early Childhood Education facility in the grounds of Glenbrae school
A new off road path for walking and cycling along the ‘green corridor’ from Taniwha Street to Leybourne Circle
New warmer, drier, fit for purpose homes throughout the neighbourhood
New streets and park spaces that solve overland flooding problems
Traffic calming and new road crossings in key locations

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